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Which BIOFIRE is more suited to my needs?

BIOFIRE with large glass door
BIOFIRE with medium sized glass door
BIOFIRE with a traditional door
BIOFIRE - Superfire

BIOFIRE with a large glass door - Optical fireplace: 

70% of all BIOFIRE are made with a large glass door. 

It creates the atmosphere of a traditional fireplace whilst at the same time radiates intense heat immediately after the burn-off.

If you want a stove that heats up fast, then this is the stove for you. It radiates heat up to 12 hours. 

BIOFIRE with a medium glass door - Optical stove with fire visible:

The radiant heat after burn-off is slightly lower, but the radiation capacity is extended by two hours.

If you want to see the fire and get a greater storage capacity, then this is the right choice.

BIOFIRE with a small glass door or a traditional door - Optical tiled fireplace:

As with the traditional stove during the first hours of heating it radiates little heat but has a high-capacity storage.

If you want to use the stove as the only heating source in your house, then this is the right choice.

Ideal for people who spend a lot of time at home and want to use the entire capacity of the stove or fireplace.

BIOFIRE - Superfire

Fireplaces and stoves are made according to your needs.

From a technical point of view the operation of the fireplace is like all our other fireplaces and stoves but these are delivered pre-assembled.

Therefore the installation times are shorter and they cost lower.