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Clean glass door

The air flow
Glass door

The clean glass door remains clean!

Always a clear view of the fire:

The patented system of the BIOFIRE glass door keeps the glass clean. 

Each and every owner of any other stove or fireplace can tell you how tiring it is to clean the glass every day, or how bad it is to not be able to see the fire burning, due to the accumulated dirt on the window. 

BIOFIRE Glass Door Remains Clean:

This kind of glass door has been built 50,000 times, improved continuously, guarantees optimal combustion levels, unlimited resistance and better visibility of the fire.

The BIOFIRE glass heating door is tilted during burn off.

The combustion air is guided along the glass from the top right to the bottom and forms an air curtain which prevents the glass heating door from becoming sooty. 


All BIOFIRE doors for stoves and fireplaces already conform to the controlled and increasingly strict rules on emissions and fine dust, that will start in 2014.