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Wood is stored solar energy: 

The forest is a huge solar accumulator and the green leaves of the trees are like solar cells.

The gathering of timber wood is for the health of the forest: 

A nice and clean forest is healthier and more resistant. 
All the wood yielded, will eventually grow again. 

Sustainable Energy: 

The quantity of wood in Europe is much higher than its consumption. For this reason, the enormous amount of unused wood is energy lost and wasted, and as a result the accumulated rot damages the health of the forests. 

The energy generated from wood makes us independent from foreigner countries: 

Wood as an energy source means that the money remains within the nation and therefore new jobs and wealth can be created.

Wood is not an expensive, imported fossil fuel energy, which also contributes to environmental problems. 

Wood, as an energy source, is very important to our economy. 

Transportation & Production times shorter with low energy costs: 

The wood grows on your doorstep and becomes energy without having to be processed. 

There are no industries and multinational companies seeking to raise prices: 

Unlike other energy sources, there are thousands of small suppliers on a regional level. 

However, this only applies to actual firewood and not other types of wood! 

Wood pellets, for example, are processed on an industrial level and the prices are developed according to the other sources of energy needed during the procedure. 

If oil prices increase, this also increases the price of pellets.