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Savings and the Environment

The majority of BIOFIRE customers have halved their heating costs.

From November to March their heating costs have reduced by 60%. 

BIOFIRE as an integral part of the total energy concept

The BIOFIRE constructed in the correct and suitable place can be the main source of heating.

The necessary consumption of other forms of heating is greatly reduced. 

Fire Wood for your BIOFIRE

Wood is the only fuel that allows the individual to set the price that is right for themselves. 

For example, by chopping, transporting and storing the wood yourself you can have a saving of up to 50%!

The cutting of trees makes the forest cleaner 

Even today the majority of the wood remains unused and lost in the forests and thus endangering its own terrain. 

This is an enormous loss, especially if at the same time we are importing other energy sources at high prices.

Fire Wood is more Ecological

The energy cost for obtaining wood is low (as opposed to wood pellets). 

You have lower transport costs due to shorter routes.

BIOFIRE is More Ecological

The BIOFIRE combustion technique already guarantees the high quality emissions, that Europe is trying to aim to achieve in the next 10 years.