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Healthy radiation

Heating means creating warmth. 

There are three types of heat transfer: 

1. Heat conduction:
This means that heat transfer takes place in all forms of matter; solids, liquid and gases and always from a region of high temperature to an area of low temperature. Heat conduction can only take place within a body or between two closely related bodies. 

2. Convection:
If the movement of molecules within fluids (i.e. liquids and gases) comes into contact with a physical body where the temperature is increased, this type of heating is called convection. 

3. Radiation:
Radiation is as nice as the sun because the sun's rays are heat rays. The heat rays becomes effective when they encounter a body whose molecules vibrate in the presence of radiation. This is a physical process in which we do not realize, however, it is very important for our sensitivity to heat.
• Radiation provides a natural basis for the health, safety and relaxation.
• The correct balance between radiation and convection gives a healthy and natural heat.
• Heat that resembles, as close as possible, to nature is crucial to creating a pleasant room temperature.
• With a higher wall temperature, the ambient climate can be lower.
• Consequently the air moves gently with sufficient moisture and without dust. Irradiation with a low ambient temperature gives a natural and healthy living environment.

The advantages of radiation: 

• little air turbulence
• Dust-free air
• Suitable air humidity
• Natural and healthy ambience

The traditional heating systems such as hot air stoves, central heating or electric heaters are convection. 

The disadvantages of convection heating: 

• High air turbulence
• Dust in the air
• Enormous variations of moisture in the air
• Unhealthy ambience

The radiation only becomes effective by joining a solid body. The wall of the room is a solid body.

The radiation heats the outer wall of your home quicker (faster than convection heating) and radiates heat slowly and continuously into the room. 

Convection heaters, stoves, fireplaces and hot air stoves may have adverse effects on the climate of the ambience. 

The heat from a BIOFIRE creates natural and a pleasant radiation.

Living with a a BIOFIRE healthier and more secure! 

The benefits of a BIOFIRE wood burning stove are clearly marked. With the proper relationship between natural radiation and convection, the tiled stove is 

• Healthy
• Natural
• Ecological
• Economic 

In short: When you have this type of heat you have a 100% good feeling.