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Why BIOFIRE is the best choice!

BIOFIRE heats up very quickly. 

Immediately after burn off the intense heat radiates through the big glass door.
This heat output surpasses all other stoves, because our stove requires only a load of firewood per day. This is especially important when you come home at night and you want immediate heat. 

BIOFIRE spreads heat for longer.

The accumulated heat keeps the stove hot, between 12 to 24 hours. This means that if the outside temperature is above 5 ° C it is sufficient to heat only once to achieve a pleasant ambient temperature. During the evening you can enjoy the blaze of the fireplace and its continuous radiating heat the next day. Very low temperatures are rare in our parts. Overall there will be a maximum of around 20 to 30 cold days per year. During this period it will be necessary to heat the stove twice in 24 hours if you want to use the stove as the sole source of heat.

BIOFIRE consumes little firewood. 

Wood is cheaper than diesel or natural gas, but it still comes at a price. With a BIOFIRE you save an enormous amount of wood due to the vast yield of the product and also because the power of the heater is matched to your space and chimney. Do not be impressed by technical charts. Metal nuclei have a power of 8, 10 or 15 KW, which at first looks good, but it is inconvenient. Modern rooms usually do not require more than 5 KW. In these cases the stoves with metal inserts use only a small part of their potential and therefore perform lower.

BIOFIRE is comfortable and creates little work

If you don’t need a lot of wood, this in turn, requires little effort on your behalf by means of transporting and preparing the firewood. Combing this factor and the perfect combustion of the BIOFIRE very little ash is produced. In addition the accumulated ash needs only be removed once or twice a season. The patented door keeps clean and does not require constant polishing like the majority of our competitors’ systems.

BIOFIRE radiates healthy, warm heat.  Can the same be said about the others?

A BIOFIRE is a ceramic heater that spreads heat in the right proportion, between healthy radiation and convection. In contrast, all stoves with a metal core are referred to as "Hot air stoves".  This means that the air is drawn up into the heart of the system and heated up by the metal fireside inserts, to a temperature of 300°C.  This is not healthy for various reasons; firstly because the dust particles contained in the accumulated air is burned and decomposed into small fine particles, known as fine dust.  This dust is then dispersed into the room and breathed in.  Secondly, the hot air stoves heats the air but as a result of burning the organic dust, makes the air we breath very dry.  You can find information about this at the "German Association for Allergic People" which gives advice regarding healthy heating.

BIOFIRE ahead of its time 

In Europe new laws are starting (in some countries they will be approved shortly), which regulate the emissions of burning wood. If you buy a stove, you will have to show its certificate to demonstrate its compliance with the imposed standards. BIOFIRE already complies with these regulations and only in this way can you protect yourself from unwanted surprises in the near future and the high costs of retrofitting.