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Heat only once, stay warm all day

BIOFIRE ceramic
BIOFIRE cross section
BIOFIRE with a small door

A BIOFIRE has a heart of highly fireproof ceramic with numerous “draws” through which the fumes are guided. Using the ceramic BIOFIRE-firespace a higher burning temperature is reached. This guarantees almost perfect combustion. The fumes get drawn and the heat is passed through the ceramic heart and the loss through the chimney is reduced to a minimum.

Radiant heat spreads slowly from the surface of the stove to the room for 12 to 16 hours.

90% of our stoves are equipped with a glass door.

The advantage is that the majority of the heat is released into the room immediately after burn off.
This is especially important during midseason. 

So even a cool summer evening with a hot stove chimney can become enjoyable. 

When the fire goes out the heat accumulated inside the ceramic is spread across the surface of the stove in the room. 

There is no need to add more wood or adjust the heater continuously, as in the case of other stoves with metal fireside inserts. 

BIOF stoves with a traditional or small glass door are particularly suitable as the sole source of heat. 

To achieve the maximum capacity, the stove must be heated twice in 24 hours.
This is only necessary at very low temperatures. 

For days with a mild temperature it is sufficient enough to heat once a day. 

A BIOFIRE stove fits around your life style. 

An ideal solution for people who work outside the home! 

If during the day there is no one at home, then you turn on the BIOFIRE only at night. Thanks to the glass door the temperature rises quickly and allows you to enjoy the flames of the roaring fire.

The next morning a pleasant and healthy warmth awaits you.